Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ship Em Off!

This week my family is moving to a new city. New job (Working full time for the first time in seven years...God help me.), new house, and the kids are going to daycare for the first time ever. A lot of new things happening and a lot of work to be done. Which means that the kids are psycho and I am completely stressed out. The old house is pretty much packed up, but I was having difficulty getting some things done. It might have had something to do with the three insane balls of energy running around my house. (YA THINK?)

Monday, after spending five minutes upstairs to gather up some laundry and sweep the floors, I come downstairs to find my children administering zip tie handcuffs on each other (I told their father not to let them watch those cop shows.) and putting Neosporin on their faces. After, I had put them in time out and removed their shackles (I seriously debated leaving them on.), I thought to myself, "They haven't been to see my parents for a while."

That's right! I shipped the little boogers off to my parents. No more sticky fingers leaving spots on the walls that I had just washed. There is silence in the house right now. (Never has there been a lovelier sound, or lack there of.) There really is nothing like foisting your kids off on relatives. For a few brief (AWESOME) moments in time, you can get a glimpse of what life would be like if you hadn't popped out three kids in four years. The house is quiet (and spotless). You can get up at night to get a glass of water without having to untangle yourself from three miniature sets of arms and legs or stepping on a lego and crashing to the floor. You don't have to lock yourself in the bathroom to have a phone conversation. Life is bliss.

But then you walk past their beds and think of how darling they look when they are sleeping. You pick up your daughter's special teddy bear and wonder if she is afraid at night without it. You wonder what they had for supper that night, and if they are staying out of Aunt Tessa's room. (There, Tess, I mentioned you in my blog!) You are bored, and suddenly it seems like the house is aching for the sound of their maniacal laughter. You have an appreciation for your children that you wouldn't have thought possible two days ago.

It's ok to need space from your kids. Truthfully, the space might make you appreciate them more. How boring would your life be without them? There would be no giggles or bubble bath wars and no excuse to watch children's movies or color in coloring books. I think children put the color into life. When I pick them up from Grandma's house tonight, each one is getting a monster hug. (And hopefully a little more patience from Mom)

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