Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Little Things

I am sorry about the lack of blog posts recently. Life has been interesting and busy. We recently had house guests for about a month. And while they are now out on their own, they still routinely drop by for food, etc.

There is a saying that says something like, "Someone else is happy with less than you have." I have been able to witness this first hand this last month. My brother-in-law and his wife decided to divorce. She moved to Oregon with four of the kids. He moved here with three of the kids. (That's seven total. SEVEN.) My brother-in-law and his kids came to us with little more than the clothes on their backs. Unfortunately, those clothes were stained, had holes, and didn't fit properly. While my brother-in-law seemed unconcerned with this issue, my husband and I were horrified.

Fortunately for us and the kids, my husband and I have a wonderful support system of family and friends. When people heard about the situation, we started getting offers of clothing and other necessary household items. My husband was embarrassed at the lack he saw in his brother, but we gratefully accepted the items. The kids are now clothed properly.

The worst part for me was the complete awe and gratitude that was in the kids' faces when we gave them a pair of gently used shoes. They have had so little in life. I felt guilty because for the most part my kids have never had to go without. These kids were amazed when we told them that they could eat until they were full. (Something I can't understand because the family is on SNAP benefits.) These kids consider beds a luxury.

The situation with my niece and nephews has made me grateful for what I have. We are raised in a society centered around having the newest, the shiniest, and the most expensive things. I am happy that I have anything at all. I am truly blessed in life. I might not have the best car or the nicest furniture, but I HAVE a car and furniture. My kids don't go to bed hungry because my husband and I have jobs that allow us to put food on the table. I'm grateful for my water bill because it means I have clean clothes and a clean body. I'm grateful for my family and the help that they give us when it is needed. I got lucky I guess. Maybe it is a combination of hard work, luck, and faith. I have to believe that what I do makes a difference. I hope it has made a difference.  Have you?

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